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Modern and Luxury
Made from fine materials and latest technologies, based on new trends
Expanding your comfort zone
Based on thorough researches, we came up with the latest innovative mattresses made with passion, dedication, and the finest materials
Super soft and relaxing
Super soft fabric cushion providing a plush, indulgent feel at very affordable price
3 types: Latex,Goose Feather, D30 Foam
The one and only Latex Topper can soften your mattress, provide extra support or even firm up a mattress which is too soft
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SoftDreams Mattresses & Beddings is your partner of choice.

We focus on getting you a better night's sleep, by carrying the best quality brands at the lowest price. We carry a wide range of products; memory foam, natural/organic, latex, and all traditional innerspring mattresses. We also carry specialty pillows, frames, protectors, and bed sets.


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SoftDreams Mattresses & Beddings was established in the year 2004, though it was trading through a different name since over 40 years. Located in Coromandel, out main activity lies in the manufacturing of mattresses and mattress springs.

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Freshen up your bed with some new bedding! We have a wide range of accessories including mattress toppers, mattress protectors, headboards, pillows and duvets: the precious things that complete your night’s sleep.
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We offer you the finest products at affordable prices. With our new technology, we are able to sustain your demand by giving you always the best quality. Our annual production being over 12,000, help us to innovate and create new products for your satisfaction.

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